Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lovely wedding, hot return

I promise to complain slightly less about the heat. Actually, without the humidity here, it would be quite nice. But it's like 50% humidity. The weather sits on my chest and won't let me get up. Well, just for this second to blog/complain about the heat and recount the wedding.

P'swedding was so beautiful with the big falls right behind her. Z did a pretty good job of being a flower girl except that she, in true Z fashion, went to clean up the petals after she dropped them. "Ah oh" was the chorus to the song of the falling flower petal. After the petals were cleaned up and 5 zillion pictures were taken of the beautiful newlyweds, there was some dancing, some fine food and some hearty drinking. All hail the destination wedding!

I'm trying to write this afternoon even though it's a hundred degrees out (if you do my math of humid plus temperature plus complaining efforts) BUT the guy painting the house next door is listening to classic rock. Bad Company until the day I die, Watch what you say, you'll be calling me a radical, political, When I'm sixty-four, Mean mean Sawyer, mean mean pride. Plus commercial. And, did I mention we have no AC so if I shut the window I would surely die? I think that yes, yes I did.
At least they're painting the house a color (blue) better than its original beige.

ETA: I could update class rock songs all day. Best day of my life.., was the last heard. but now Fleetwood Mac's Golddust Woman is on and now I can't complain. Except I do want to go download Hole's version.


Dr. Write said...

Yeah! Welcome back. I love that Z was flower girl. Reminds me of that Flower Poet Z book.
Sounds lovely.
We look forward to your arrival in the land of shade and no humidity.
(get on a plane already).
Also saw one of E's former co-workers at a party and talked about the overwhelming amount of love for E, You and Z. (co-worker was FM from C2).

Lisa B. said...

Wish you were here--classic rock can either be a happy trip or a bad trip. I personally am happy when Fleetwood Mac comes on. Even if there are hipper versions of there songs since, they were the bomb.

chancelot said...

Don't hate on the classic rock...jk. It is hot in the dry world too, just for the record, You guys need to come out and visit. As lolcats would say, "I's misses ya!"