Friday, March 23, 2007

All's well

She's A OK. Now I can make inappropriate jokes about how huge her head is. Poor kid. Her head is almost as big as mine. But that is, according to all news MRI, just fine.

Now I have to go lie down. All the stress that has been keeping me upright this week is starting to seep out.

Thank you everyone who waited in worry with us.

Mwah. (that's a kiss from Z).


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Scorpion's Tail said...

I'm relieved! just curious...the biology side of me, what did they say?

Nik said...

Thank you you guys. And Scorpion, I did refrain from googling "abnormal head growth." And I don't know what they said--just that she was normal. I think they were mostly concerned about hydroencephalitis. I asked for copies of the images that I think they're going to give me. I might get a CD Rom of them too. I'll let you know what I divine from the scans.

Dr. Write said...

Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!!
Give her a big kiss and hug from me. I miss you guys. I wish I could have you over for dinner. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nik,

So glad that everything is a-okay with the little Z. Gah. Lisa (I think it was you, Lisa. Damnation) had it right before: nothing is more crazy making than babies and medical tests together.

And as a mother of three kids, let me tell you, there is ALWAYS some medical test that is just poised to get you stressed. Once, Thing One got a horrible double kidney infection and her pediatrician said she had to get a kidney scan because she could have some rare pediatric kidney cancer (leaving out the extreme rareness of said diagnosis).

Of course she was fine, but gah. Gah.

This is a long-winded way of saying I understand.

Take care, N.

chancelot said...

I am so happy Z is doing alright. I miss ya'll and hope You get what you deserve which is everything. sorry for the cheese, kinda drunk. But Zion is is less w/o you.

B good