Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Me! Sick! I'm never sick. I've been sick since I posted last. A sinus infection. In my nose! Rude. I finally went to the doctor yesterday where I let him prescribe the dreaded anti-biotics. I hate to use antibiotics. Resistant bacteria. Ack!
I do feel a little better as you can tell by my wanton use of exclamation points. But I hate the doctor's office. My blood pressure spikes, I get all pissed about the state of Health care in this country AND I have PTSD from all the times Zoe has been sent to the ER immediately.
But! I did manage to teach my classes and grade and comment and the like so I haven't been completely incapacitated.
Perhaps March will be the month to be productive??? After I finish off these bowling-ball sized pills. 6 a day. For ten days. Die little bacteria. And don't come back with that amoxilcillin can't kill me any more business.
I blame the cold.
And the snow.
And the doctors.
And the bacteria.
I'm off to eat some yogurt where some tiny acidophilus creatures I love can re-line my bacteria-free stomach.


Dr. Write said...

I'm so glad you blogged! But of course I am sorry you are sick. I'm not sure what it is about this winter, but I feel like it's taken me forever to get in a groove. And then Son has vacations, etc.
So much for the groove.
AT least we have Presidents' Day to recover from our recovering.

Scorpion's Tail said...

I have been really worried and wondering. I'm glad you're taking antibiotics. They will make you all better.
Just yesterday The Don said, "Well, we made it through winter without the flu".
I gave him the evil eye...fearing he jinxed us. Is he trying to jinx us?

Lisa B. said...

Let me join the chorus of people glad to know you're alive, though sorry to hear you're sick.


What is this "groove" you speak of? I hear it returns in the summertime.

Unknown said...

Hie, here's wishing you a very Happy Valentines Day