Monday, December 04, 2006

Thought I was going to make it

but I'm not going to make it this final week. Last week, it was 40 degrees warmer than it is right now. Last week, my students were congenial and present. This week, the emails promising absences are mounting. Last week, I was ready to throw all my clothes in a bag and get on an airplane. This week, we're realizing that Z won't sit on our laps for 5 minutes, let alone the many-lay-overed plane ride ahead. Last week, I had visions of writing and reading and sleeping in. This week, I realize that there are only so many days til Christmas and shopping hasn't even begun. Last week, I was all hepped up on pure, natural adrenaline. This week, I'm pretty sure someone has been putting quaaludes in my coffee, making me simultaneously, artificially wired and tired.
Oh, it has snowed over 3 inches just since I've been on campus for a final last week:
Last week, I slept in my own bed. This week, the floor of my office beckons. They pretend to have snowplows in this very snowy region but Salt Lake would never let the roads be so slick and dangerous. They are plow monsters in that city. If I survive the flight home, I promise to complain less next week.


Dr. Write said...

Yes. It is too cold everywhere. But please make it home, and onto the plane, and all the way here. We need you. We deperately need you.

Lisa B. said...

This is a scary story, what with the snow and the qaalude laced coffee and the wiggly baby on a plane! Wiggly Babies on a Plane! Why don't they make a scary movie called that? Please take care of yourself and that wiggly baby and make it home safely.

Nik said...

You guys make me feel like it will be all warm and cozy there. Though I know it's equally cold there. What the hell? I can't wait to be back to snow with purpose though. The prospect of skiing always makes the snow seem slightly more bearable. Though I bet I don't ski once.