Friday, November 17, 2006

The All Clear

Zoe's been given the all clear by her doctor. I'm not sure what that means but I think it means we won't have to beg and plead that she not be admitted to the hospital. I fear we sound crazy when we object, but she always sounds bad-congested, wheezy. Everyone says so. She has been diagnosed with recurrent respiratory something or the other. The almost-asthma that is not asthma. So she sounds like she breathes rapidly and thickly so often that we can tell when she's getting better and when she's getting worse. That we know how many ribs to count per reticulated breath and whether the nose flares or not suggests that we know, or at least could tell this week, that she seemed to be getting better not worse. And the hospital, from our experience, doesn't really help. It's good for monitoring but that's about it. Still, it was pretty awkward trying to tell the doctors that we didn't agree with them. They're a powerful force. I feel crappy even writing about it. But next week, when we take her in without a cold (if there's any justice at all) and the doctor hears her loud breathing even when 90% healthy, hopefully he won't panic next time.


Valerie said...

Ok, so doctors don't always know everything. I am proud of you standing up to them. Sure you sounded crazy, but that just goes with the territory of being a mom.

Give the wheezer a big squezzer.

Lisa B. said...

Sick baby is the saddest phrase. I had a wheezing baby, too. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I know it can be rough disagreeing with doctors, but it's clear you did so being fully informed and smart about it all, so bully for you. Here's hoping the Zoe gets better soon.

PS - I just realized I never responded to your story. This is because I suck. I'm sorry. :(

Nik said...

Thanks for backing me up guys. It is so scary but the doctor even apologized for reacting so extremely.
and p.s. Heather, that's OK. I figured it just got spam-blocked.

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