Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fourteen months

Zoe turned fourteen months old last week. She also went to day care for the first time and finally got her year-old shots. She got over one cold and seems to have contracted another. She slept for 14 hours last night.
Because I spend less time with her than I used to, or maybe because there are few people to distract me, or, more likely, she's getting even more interesting. She loves her blanket. She finds it whereever she left it last and picks it up with her teeth, carries it to the next corner of the living room, lies down on it and makes some throaty, hurrah noise in the back of her throat. She crawls around on the back deck and climbs up the stair, then back down, then follows Cleo to where she's eating grass, eats a little herself and crawls back to the stair. She can sit on the stair for five minutes, watching the squirrels torture Cleo.
She has one of those shape boxes where the plastic shapes go in through their proper holes. She knows the holes and shapes should match but she doesn't turn them around until they do match. She gets mad and lifts the lid and puts the shapes inside that way. She closes the lid up to see if I watched.
She drives us crazy with her button pushing. Thirty one wrote one of her first posts about it. I tried to listen but, oh, what harm would a six-month old do to a remote, a phone, a computer. Answer: I got a new harddrive last week and she changed a something on the remote that I can't undo.
She was great at daycare even on the first day and had a babysitter on Thursday and Monday--who both said they'd come back.
The best thing: she understands what we're saying. She doesn't obey "don't put that in your mouth" but she laughs maniacally when we tell her no. If the phone rings, she crawls over to it. If Box wants to come in, she goes to the door. If I turn on the computer, she rushes to it, punches a button and the whole screen goes blank. I tell her no. She laugh. In fact, here she is now: zFEWx]\//
She stands for almost a minute at a time. She may walk soon. She may actually have to put on some shoes.


Trista said...

Oh No! NOT the dreaded shoes!

Julia does that same thing with her shape sorter. Kristin and I were just talking the other day about how cute it is...

Damn, she sounds like a fun kid.

Nik said...

I wish they met. Maybe at Christmas since now that we've been orpahned we'll be staying at your house :)
I'm glad Julia does the same thing. Such brilliant children we have.

P said...

I love your blog. It was as if I were watching Z play in front of me... Miss you

Dr. Write said...

Oh zoe. cuteness. If you tie her legs together, she might not walk so much. I'm just saying. From experience with the falling down and the bruising of the face. I like how she's thinking outside the box. Truly gifted. I finally fixed something on our tv that seemed unfixable. So there is hope.
Give her a kiss for me!!

Valerie said...

My o my... that kid is brilliant!! It's terrible when they can talk with their little eyeballs.

Anonymous said...

miss nik i miss you :) as i was leaving the parking garage on campus today i saw someone with a posture like egg's and as my students would say "it just hit me hard, how much i miss you." i miss you i miss wine, cheese, and veggies with you. i miss egg. i miss z and her sweet blue eyes. thank you for keeping up the blogg it helps me to hear you. kiss the pets and the family. much luv from tx xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo j ps i attended a kinky for governor rally today