Tuesday, October 04, 2005

on babies etc

Babies: Much recommended. Most fun thing ever. Zoë is pretty squawky. I think she spends too much time thinking about her bowels. She expresses herself mostly through farts and burps but she's also been known to slug you across the face with her wild swinging arms. Her main talent--snarling. Everyone else says she smiles but I'm pretty sure she has nothing nice to say about the state of the nation, and, more pointedly, the state of her bowels. She also does not like it when Box the cat tries to sit on her. Which he tries to do every day. This also makes her squawk. At her age--2.5 months--she could be cooing. I consider these squawks coos. Though again, more an expression of gas than joy.

Since having Zoë I have gone mostly blind and have contracted MS. My arm falls asleep every night but Erik attributes that to me trying to nurse with my left hand and scroll through Blogs with my right. The blindness--I've heard your eyesight changes, but really, I walk into class and just blink at my students until they come into focus.But that's the only drawback. Zoë wakes up at 2 and 5 and then 7:30 (basically)--which is about how often I used to wake up anyway. Now I just have to feed a tiny barracuda for 20 minutes each time. And I go right back to sleep, unlike my insomniac wakings of before.Bonus to having two parents--two separate babysitters--one on Friday night, one on Saturday.

Erik is pretty goreat about the wee lass. I'm trying to convince him to take Fenugreek. Apparently men on the Mormon Trail took fenugreek and could actually breastfeed the baby. If he could breastfeed, well, I'd take Wednesdays completely off. As it is, I pump, then teach, then work on the Mag then drive home as fast as the stop sign-heavy Avenues will allow and drag my forty pounds of drooping milk into the house. Invariably, Erik will have just fed her, so I pump again.Evenings, when Erik usually has her, if Zoë makes the slightest peep, Erik apes for Zoë: "Mom, can I have some milk?" Helarious. Also, any time I sit down to eat something, she decides she's starving. I try to convince her that for milk, I must eat mucho, but she doesn't care. She looks at my fat butt and says, I think you can probably stand to skip a meal or two.I'm almost back into my regular clothes but I think it's a lie that you can eat anything and breastfeed.


Trista said...

You know, Zoe and Julia could be twins they sound so much alike. Keep trying with Erik and the Fenugreek, that's what Kristin's taking and considering that we think her thyroid has pretty much just given up entirely, I think all the milk is thanks to the Funugreek, Blessed Thistle and pumping. I think I may start taking the herbs myself since I've decided not to have another child again till this one can babysit the next.

Dr. Write said...

It's true, you can't eat anything you want. But I did. I rationalized it by saying that fat is good for babies. Plus, diets are for people with kids in daycare. I mean, really, who can diet and breastfeed? You shouldn't. No one should. Breastfeeding = eating lots. Lots of chocolate, bread, etc. Eat eat eat!

Nik said...

OK, but you have to know my kind of diet:
Only 2 TBLS of butter per English Muffin
Only 1/3 a box of pasta
Only 3 large slices of pizza

When I diet, I start to eat like other people when they're really pigging out.

But, I don't feel so bad about my biscotti and mocho and popcorn of today--Zoe ate about twice her body weight in milk today.

Hey Trista,
Does Julia smile yet? Does she squawk from 5 am to 6? That's when Zoe is the most reflux-y. I've taken to shutting the door to her room, although I feel like Worst Mother Ever when I do that. But she seems to understand.

Trista said...

Julia has finally started smiling socially. It looks very similar to her I'm just about to puke on you face, though, so I still reflexively grab a towel and duck when she's only trying to say I love you.

You know, come to think of it, she is very squawky from about 4ish to 7. Grunting and squirming and having a hard time getting the regular flow of gas going. We have to hold and pat her back during this whole time, but I really wish we could put her in her crib and shut the door. If we try to do that she practically asphyxiates herself while trying to tell us exactly what she thinks about her no-good, abusive mommies. She's very opinionated on the whole just-put-the-baby-down-ever subject. Alas.

Nik said...

Aha Oh yeah, we had our first night of You can't help me but if you put me down, DCFS will be here in fifteen minutes. No more of that And we're down south far from the scrutiny of their watchful eyes. "I understand you need a break mom." I convinced Erik to put her down and just listen to her scream for five minutes, but he couldn't hack it for more than two. That must have been enough though because when I took him from her five seconds later and rocked her and sang her a song about buying her mom Cheetos and Coke, she finally fell asleep. Most likely to get ME to be quiet.

Hey, by the way, thanks for coming to get us in the event of an apocalypse. I can't wait to go Amphibius cruising with you guys! We will bring wine and chocolate. And a fiddle of course.

Trista said...

We don't have to worry about DCFS coming for us because Kristin is DCFS. But she feels very badly when she should clap us in irons and yet does not. Eh, we all do what we have to. Check my blog later for some exciting (and possibly premature) news.

You bring the chocolate, we'll bring the pumpkins, salsa and ephemere sauce. Look it up, it's amazing.