Saturday, January 21, 2012

So far in not cooking

I have made granola:
Oats, wheat bran, flax seed, oil, honey, cooked for 1.5 hours at 250 degrees. Stirred every 15 minutes. Added cashews and almonds after cooking. Zoe and Max helped make it so it doesn't count as cooking.

And I made salad Lyonaise because we had: eggs, bacon, lettuce, mustard, vinegar. The eggs, bacon, and salad were on grown locally. The eggs, so fresh, made the best poached eggs ever.  Zoe ate salad dressing for the first time. The bests and firsts compensates for the not.

But I'm holding out for dinner.


Lisa B. said...

Impressive. But I must ask: no dried fruit in the granola? I think dried apricots and/or dried cherries and/or dried strawberries (!) would gild that granola lily.

(wish I had had some of that gorgeous-sounding salad.)

Jackson Connor said...

Well, I wasn't hungry before this.