Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Anxiety is a wasted emotion. It's like chewing on foil with teeth full of metal. You can mack on it all day but you won't get anything nutrients out of it and the shooting pains such chewing sends down your spine aren't good for your heart.
To stave off anxiety, make lists? Possibly.
1. Send Cam and Lily the clothes they left here and Lily's hat and Cam's gloves from sledding.
2. Max's birthday. Thoughts? Bike? Or is he still too little? Closet organizer? He's two. It's the last year I can get him housewares and pretend it's a thoughtful gift.
3. Send revised Quench to blurbists.
4. Read Diagram essays.
5. Read and select Chapbooks!
6. Get a new computer that types actual letters.
7. Read essay for good friend.
8. Revise.
9. Write anew all of Salmon.
10. Next micro project!
11. Grant?
12. Make cheese. Today mozzarella. Tomorrow. The world.

Also. Birds. And exercise. It was so cold in December but it is going to be 58 degrees here by Thursday. Calls for running. Even bike riding. Yay.
My dream is to use these two weeks before school starts to get into a good writing and exercising habit so when the great wall of the semester starts, I have enough momentum to crash right through it.

Ah. Metaphors.


radagast said...

While you're in listmaking mode, I'd love a list of birds you see in your neck of the woods.

Lisa B. said...

Yes, a list of birds, and also an account of your cheesemaking would be splendid. I hope hope hope you get your momentum for that good writing and exercising habit!

Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

Closet organizer. :-)

But if you have the right kind of floors, these are supposed to be super-fun: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000GUEXBG/ref=oh_o02_s01_i00_details