Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have been buying my own pants for years now (not that many years. My sisters and mom think I'm somewhat shopping-dysfunctional and like to replace my hole-in-Levi's with no-hole-in-not-Levi's because it's not 1980 anymore supplies. Actually, my mom did buy me real Levi's but they had stretchy material in them, making them distinctly not bought from The Copper Rivet.)

But I do occasionally go to the non-thrift store to buy pants. I buy pants in some size between 8-10. No matter what size I buy, they fall down. I do think this is my fault, to some degree. I am squarely shaped. Erik recently bought me some pants that cost $70! $70 pants! In the size 8. And they fall down. Am I supposed to buy a belt. Am I supposed to spend the day hitching up my pants? I do not think a size 6 would have fit me and if it had, it would have produced some pastry-type-top that I refuse to name.

There used to be a store, possibly next to the Copper Rivet, called 5-7-9. I shopped there when I was in Junior High. I'm essentially the same height now, if not exactly the same weight. Perhaps if it still existed, the size 7 or the size 9 would be the answer to my pants-falling-down problem.

Erik thinks this falling-down business is true for man-pants as well. He says it's a product of the low-rise phenomena.  He wears a belt sometimes. But for me, the belt cinches and it sticks and it doesn't seem right either.

Do you know who looks good in the pants of today? Zoe. She's 6. Even her pants are low-rise. But somehow she pulls it off, possibly because the model body shape today is an elongated kids size 6.


Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

I have a picture of you in yoga pants and you look fabulous.

This is not actually helpful, but it's what came to mind. :-)

Nik said...

That makes me very happy. And my yoga pants. They stay up!

Sandy said...

Oh, Nicole, I have exactly the same problem. I'm so, so glad to read this post. I've found that maternity pants are even worse for this.

Ali said...

Me too! I thought it was just me. I have a very long torso and I used to have hips (then I nursed a baby.. bye hips). I always thought it was buying jeans that stretch out. But even if I buy a size or so too small, thinking they will stretch, in a few weeks, they fall down. :( If you find magical pants that stay on, let me know the brand.