Sunday, April 04, 2010


Here's a sign I may have hit the wall. Things are starting to fall apart. For instance:
Zoe woke up before we hid the eggs (seriously, she often sleeps in later than us. We thought we had time). She went to get some milk out of the fridge and saw the carton of eggs. She came back into our room looking a little confused. I thought the Easter Bunny was coming. So sad.
I convinced her to hang out with me while Erik went to make coffee. While he 'made the coffee' (hid the eggs. OK. He made coffee too), I told the lamest story of the history of the Easter Bunny.

Once, there was a little tiny bunny born named Peter. He was a regular, tiny bunny when he was born but he liked candy so much that he ate it and ate it and ate it until he grew bigger than his parents. By the time he was two, he was as big as a human. He went to the doctor to find out why he was so gigantic and the doctor told him it was all the candy he ate. The doctor told him to quit eating so much candy or he'd grow big as a house. But he still had so much candy! What would he do with it? Peter the bunny decided that he would share his candy with all the little kids in the world and that's why on Easter, the Easter Bunny brings you candy.

By the end of the lame story, Erik had hidden all the eggs.
When she asked Erik one more time why the Easter Bunny didn't hide her eggs, he asked, are you sure? Show me.
She went to the fridge to get out the carton and what was there? A carton but no eggs. She must have seen the carton and not noticed the eggs were all gone.

She found them all. And a basket of candy-filled eggs. The moral of the lame story is lost on her as she is eating jellybean after jellybean.

Oh. Wait. She just said so. She just said, after I said, that's probably enough jelly beans, "I don't want to turn out like Mister Bunny." I suppose my lame, I'm barely holding it together, cover the gaps kind of parenting might be enough for today. Thank god Erik thought about returning the empty egg carton to the fridge to cover our tracks.

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Dr. Write said...

That Erik is so smart! Ross got up at 6. 6!!!!! We made him go back to bed. But still so tired. Not enough coffee. I need dessert!