Monday, April 26, 2010

Last week of the semester!

I know blog posts like this are lame but I have the kind of self-awareness that recognizes the lame and does it anyway.

Today was a super productive day. And I'm not quite exhausted yet. I got up with Max at 6:45, fed Max, made Zoe breakfast, made Zoe's lunch, wrote a letter of rec, braied Zoe's hair, took Z to school, fed Max, responded to emails, checked on grant, responded to four student essays, prepped for tomorrow's class, fed Max, emailed folks about poetry book, prepared envelopes to send poetry book out to Constant Critic, emptied dishwasher, made lunch (smoked turkey, kidney beans, beets, carrots, lettuce), took shower, fed Max, picked up Z, helped Z water plants, helped Z change shoes 4 (that's right, changed shoes four times. My helping mostly meant rolling my eyes and convincing her to put on last year's orange Keens), emailed Baltimore sister (who got a new job, yay!) read and responded to long email from colleague, read essays for Diagram, fed Max, worked on food proposal, checked on grant, rewrote part of grant, emailed thesis student, emailed all students reminding them to fill out their course evaluations, emailed friend at Bookworm in LA, started to make dinner, realized we were out of ginger, took Zoe to the Farmer's Market store and bought ginger, garlic, shitakes, almonds and salt water taffy, came home, fed Max, finished dinner, fed Max, filled out Zoe's summer camp application, folded laundry, sang Zoe sleeping songs, folded more laundry while Max slept in laundry basket, read second to last thesis, put away laundry, harassed people on Facebook, wrote an annoying blog post, fed Max, went to bed.


Molly said...

I watched House. Then I was just completely exhausted.

Lisa B. said...

super productive! impressive. I liked it best when Max was sleeping in the laundry basket. also, when Z changed shoes four times. sometimes you just have to, if you want to get it right.

Nik said...

I liked it when I spelled "of" "fo." That pretty much sums it up.
I watched House too! While folding laundry! It was exhausting.

Dr. Write said...

I see a trend: "fed Max." Oh those days. Those boys who never get full. Luckily they start eating mashed bananas and what not, soon.
Happy productive day to you. Me? Not so much. Trying to stay awake.