Friday, March 12, 2010


I don't like it. I'll inevitably forget something and yet, I'll overpack. I'll bring some things that I never wear as if transporting myself 500 miles will make me that person--the one who wears the brown and yellow silk top instead of the one who wears the green long-sleeved cotton t-shirt. I'll forget the shoes that go with the dress that I might have worn, were I that person who wears dresses in the spring even though I know full well that I hate tights and nylons so I'm the person who only wears dresses in the summer even though my legs are unshaven and the shoes are always the same Doc Martin sandals year after year and don't really go with that dress but once I commit to a pair of shoes.... Well, I'm loyal. And yet, I'll bring some more shoes. More shoes than I've worn all year in case I do decide to wear that yellow and brown silk top which requires boots other than cowboy and I'll bring the scarf to go with the top even though I have no pants to wear in between top and boot. I'll take the scarf to the mall where I won't go and to match the pants I'll buy which are brown pants thinking I indeed need new brown pants but then I'll get back to where we're staying and realize that it's black pants I need not brown and that the yellow and brown top needs a camisole under it and I don't wear camisoles and I don't know where I'd get one anyway so I tuck the boots back in the closet and get out the green cotton t-shirt and put it on along with one of the seven pair of brown pants I brought and throw the scarf on for good measure because even if it doesn't match it's cold outside even though I brought a dress and a skirt because I would very much like to pretend it's summer even if it's not quite yet spring.


What Now? said...

I'm laughing even as I'm admiring your writing! And yes, me too on the whole packing thing.

Dr. Write said...

You and Hightouch.
Whatever you are wearing or not wearing, I can't wait to be in your presence. Yeah!!

Lisa B. said...

This story is a true story, because I have lived it, even if the details are different.

radagast said...

On a barely related note, when is your King's English reading?

Nik said...

Radagast: March 20th at 7:00. Should I make a new post? Possibly I will.

Anonymous said...

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