Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

Today I sent out email Christmas cards (which is about as good as it gets for me any more). Now I have to wrap and cook roast beef, tomato soup and mac and cheese (hard mac, as my nephew calls it.)

I'm having a bit of spell of holiday cheer. I love the Christmas email because people email right back to say hello. It's very sweet and reminds me of my good friends and family.

Christmas Eve begins at 5:00. That gives me 2.5 hours. Have a great Christmas if that's the way you roll, as Erik would say. Who picked it up from one of the many times he watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. Because it's a long drive from mountain town to mountain city, but well worth it.


P said...

FYI blog readers. The above menu served in mountain city (mountain house) was fantastico. It was quite resplendant in holiday cheer, songs, PJs, and family. Well done Otterbutt, well done

P said...

FMI is that Zoe in the ornament reflection?

Nik said...

Yeah, that's the Z.

Dr. Write said...

Merry Christmas!! Cute pic! Yummy menu! See you soon!