Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Bullets of De-complaint

I can't think of the opposite of complaining. Plus, mostly I mean a retraction. Perhaps I won't even bullet this list.

Oh, but I will.

  • The makers of nebulizers proved un-helpful but Zoe's pediatrician's nurse proved a godsend. She heard my plight, took down Z's name, wrote a prescription and faxed it over to the home health outlet right by Zoe's school.
  • The bestowers of licenses and license-plates were quick (ish. 1 hour). I got new license (not horrible picture) and new plates that are protecting the environment as we speak for a mere $25 more dollars.
  • The soup Erik made for dinner spilled only a little in my bag and was as delicious today as it was last night.
  • My kind friends and friends on the internet (and in real life) buoyed me with their kind comments and good ideas. I shall indeed meet for writing group and connect my bullet points in so preparing for writing meeting.
  • And, I might have figured out a plan for the would-soon-be-failing writing project. A little bit of one.
  • I still have no fantastic email but I'm sure it's just stuck in the pipe somewhere waiting to fall upon me like so much delicious soup.


P said...

what a pretty little post. We need to talk about iron chef 2.

Dr. Write said...

Yeah! Writing group with bullet points! What could be better? Soup. And fantastic emails. And then also wine. And being done with grading.
Kiss Z for me!!

Lisa B. said...

So very glad things are looking up! Here's to delicious soup and awesome, compassionate nurses.