Saturday, January 03, 2009

2009 Wishes and Fishes

First the no's.
  • No trip to the hospital (only one in 2008 and that was for a non-related .
  • No complaining about coming and/or going (for instance, no complaining too much about going back home).
  • Say no to a (every?) student at least once.
  • Say no to a service request once.
  • No moving.
  • No freaking out about pubs (Ha. Ha.)
  • No freaking out about plans changing, especially in regards to food (I get stuck on an idea about what we're having or going for dinner. Also ha.)

Second the yes's in the form of to-do's
  • Go to Italy for June.
  • Drive to Phoenix (the 3rd circle of hell Edited to add: I should also refrain from calling it the 3rd circle of hell until I know it better. Even hell deserves a proper vetting.) for something besides the airport.
  • Go to Sedona visiting and wine tasting with Sam.
  • Make one new friend.
  • Make wonton soup (hankering since I watched Kung Fu Panda. Didn't get to go to Little World this trip.
  • Be ambitious about next writing project.
  • Play lion/witch with Z once a day.
  • Walk/run every day.
  • Send missives to Obama (not just letters of love and adoration).
  • Ski with Egg at least one more time.
  • Read at least one book a month unrelated to teaching/research.
  • I would say be more mellow but then Egg would read this and say you vowed to be more mellow this year, which would make me respond in less than mellow ways.


Lisa B. said...

I would add one no and one yes to your list:

No berating yourself.


Congratulate yourself daily for how splendid you are.

Dr. Write said...

And Yes to having dinner with me! And yes to everything else, except more work! And yes to wine!
I'll miss you!

P said...

Great lists! The joy of the resolution. I don't even know where to begin with playing lion/witch, but I hope I get to be the lion.

Miss you tons