Saturday, September 08, 2007

Stymied by Yahoo

Usually, I'm a pretty good Googler. I can find out what translocated genes are and what Rolling Stone cover Britney Spears may have graced and which New Orleansy foods are considered Cajun and which ones Creole.
But two answers the internet has denied me:
1. How do squirrels get inside of walnuts. Is it gravity that breaks the outer husk? Then how do they get into the harder one. I tried throwing it on the ground, stomping on it, even biting it but then the bitterness of the outer husk choked me and my hands turned black from the essential oils and I wonder do squirrels have little bearded nutcrackers in trees or do they just wait for the husks to rot or are their teeth the stuff nutcrackers aspire to be? The internets would not tell me. I googled a bunch of phrases and nothing.
2. Then, last night, while we're watching Children of Men, which I shouldn't watch because I tend toward a dystopic view of the universe and I find all things baby-related extra tear-provoking, Michael Caine's character says Shanti Shanti Shanti when imagining the hopeful Human Project. So I look up Shanti Shanti Shanti which , it turns out, is a common meditation mantra. But what poet says it three times in one of his poems? Gary Snyder? (ETA. TS Eliot. It came to me five minutes after I posted.)
And, although I could find it but I'm too lazy, on Hightouch's blog I used the phrase "bogart" as a verb. Does it mean plain old steal or just sort of take too much space up on? Because the latter is what I meant.


Lisa B. said...

Shanti shanti shanti--isn't it at the end of The Wasteland? Too lazy to check, though.

The squirrel challenge made me curious, so I found the following facts: most squirrels eat seeds and softer nuts, like acorns. So maybe they don't have to penetrate the mysteries of the walnuts as often? Also, it appears that they do have teeth that nutcrackers would envy--they can chew through wire. I found out some unattractive things about squirrels, also, which I will spare you. Because who needs to contemplate unpleasant facts? about squirrels?

Also, on Sex in the City, which is where I first heard of the word bogart, it was used to imply "hog." So factor that in. Sorry for the gratuitous let-me-be-your-personal-search-engine behavior.

chancelot said...

How can you have hung with stoners(not me obviously) and not know bogart?

Nik said...

It IS the Wasteland. I remembered later.
I just have Gary Snyder on the brain.
And wow. Fine info on the squirrel. They are kind of grossy-rat-like creatures.
Hog. That's right.
See, I don't need Google. I just need Lisa B. And Chance.