Thursday, September 20, 2007

The problem with lists

I knocked a few things off the list, added others. Got swamped by advising and teaching stuff and then we all got sick.
Zo has her regular Darth Vadar breath. I don't think even Darth could handle as much albuterol as we nebulized all over her last night. But she seems to have turned a corner. Or is maintaining. Or mainlining the albuterol.
I, however, have lost all hope for the list.
If you need me, you'll find me under the kitchen table, eating Tabbouleh. I'm sure I'll take my computer under there with me. So I won't be out of touch. Just out of range of the onslaught of reviews and conferences.


Dr. Write said...

Can I join you under the table? I'm done with lists and accomplishing things other than wine drinking and tv watching. And reading on the computer. And eating. Can I put those on my list?

Nik said...

That's the only way it would be better. If you and I were under the table. Eating. And drinking wine. And watching TV.
We'll just need a really tall table. But not too tall.

Lisa B. said...

Well, as long as there's tabbouleh. And TV.