Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thank you for voting

Thanks everybody. I think I have a plan. It involves none of the suggestions I listed but a combination of them and yours. Or, as Lisa B. says, I'll go back to the old title. I couldn't have come up with this idea for a new title without you so very cool and thank and thanks. (I'm taking that post down to preserve what's left of my barely concealed anonymity.)

In other news, my mom's in town. We're having fun. It's kind of hot but I think I've acclimated to the humidity. Plus, it hasn't been nearly as humid as that first hot day here in May. We leave for Niagara Falls for P's wedding! on Thursday. We're driving and we have no idea how we'll fit:
2 of mom's boyfriend's rolly-suitcases.
1 of mom's rolly-suticases
3 of mom's they're-not-really-suitcases-because-they-don't-roll suitcases.
5 of Z's required bags.
Egg and my suitcase that may or may not roll.

Wish us luck!
Happy Father's Day!
Today, we're making for Erik: Green Chile Sauce. His favorite food. We'll put it on corn and potatoes and pork chops. I'll also make him chicken salad. He loves that too. Z made him a present at school and I'm going shopping now for what will be some seriously boring but useful gifts.

Thanks again for all the titular fun. Or titillary fun. Or titling fun though I prefer the double-meaning of the first two....


val said...

Good luck indeed! It sounds like you'll all fit if you put egg and zoe on the roof.

Dr. Write said...

Sounds fun! Good luck with the packing. It sounds like us trying to go camping in the Saturn.
I'm glad your mom is there.
Sounds like you have better plans for Father's Day. We had bagels and now we're going to take Gus for a walk. And then maybe I'll make turkey burgers and salad.
Good luck with the poetry book too.

Lisa B. said...

Wow, I'm concerned about fitting all those bags and whatnot into a car. Any car. It makes the trip sound stuffy or maybe overstuffed. Whew. Hope it all works out, really. and glad to hear about the title and I'm impressed that you think about stuff like anonymity.

Happy father's day to all the fathers! Happy green chile sauce and happy practical gifts!

Scorpion's Tail said...

have a great trip (and for the reminder about father's day...except now maybe I have to feel guilty for forgetting????