Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ala Mode

In the Style of Hightouch, Dr. Write and ErinAlice, I bring a list of the days.

Since the last post, some of us:
  • Bought new kitchen cabinets because one house demolition disaster is not enough.
  • Edited blog to include new links.
  • Rode our bicycles around Reed's Lake.
  • Played disc golf four out of the last nine days.
  • Cleaned out the fridge.
  • Went on the swing four-hundred and seventy-two times.
  • Wrote some number of words of novel.
  • Contemplated getting an MBA.
  • Wrote some number of poems.
  • Watered the new outdoor plants.
  • Read some of the Pynchon.
  • Continued with bed-making propensity, flattening sheets, clothes, napkins.
  • Went downtown to Local's Only Festival.
  • Finished one essay.
  • Made plans for crazy week of housesitting and wine-tasting and going-to-fancy-dinner with friends.
  • Made rib-eye steaks topped with most delicious habenero and red bell pepper vinaigrette (OK, that was last week but it needed mentioning. Best food I ever made).
  • Went downtown to nice restaurant. Like a slightly fancier Red Rock.
  • Started the cleaning process for upcoming visit from the mom.
  • Stayed up past 9:30 every night.
  • Went downtown to arty street.
  • Learned how to count.
  • Made turkey burgers with green chiles, shitake mushrooms, bacon and pepper jack. Best food I ever made.
  • Contemplated giving up on the Pynchon.

And conversation with the Z:
Do you want to swing?
Do you want to go on the slide?
Do you want to go on the swing again?
OK. That's enough. Let's go in.
No. (In the most pleasant of tones. As in no, I'd rather not.)
Come on, we have to go.
No. (Ditto the pleasantries).
Do you want to go to time out?
Out! (Whereby, she walks to the vestibule which has the front door and also a French door. She opens the French door, walks in, closes the French door and waves.)

She has taken our only ammo and turned it into her own good idea. "I do indeed believe I need a break from you people."


Dr. Write said...

Excellent. I'm going to do that. Take ammo and turn it in to my own good idea. I may need Z's tutoring on that.
But sounds like you've been busy.
I need your recipes.

val said...

I am so ready to eat from your kitchen again. I miss it!

Lisa B. said...

Sounds very productive. What fine, stellar, hard-working people you all are, and that Z is a smart cookie. Isn't that her middle name, by the way?