Friday, June 01, 2007

hot in the city

Um, it's 84 degrees outside and I think I may be dying of heat exhaustion. Me thinks I've never encountered humidity until this week. To continue the sorrow of the last post, I miss my old house with its old swamp cooler. How cool I was. And how little humidity. Here, we have radiant heat. Radiators. So there's no duct work. So no air conditioning. So I can sit here on my high-horse and save the planet by not using so much energy while I sweat to death. It's a short life-expectancy, up on this high-horse.
In other news, Egg is out of town so it's just Z and me. We went on a bike ride. It was death-defying. Now we're trying to decide what to eat/where to go for dinner. I thought I'd eat a bunch of foods that Egg hates: feta (which I did eat), Pho (but I'm really not quite up to cooking it or seeking out the one Vietnamese restaurant in town) and it turns out, I don't think I actually like chicken drumsticks as much as I thought.
My grill is broken so it's possible we will starve to death even off the high-horse. There's no way I'm roasting chicken legs inside when it's the ridiculous degree of now, 85.


P said...

Don't eat the horse

Lisa B. said...

God. I feel hotter just reading your post. You must get that planet-killing refrigerated air immediately. Don't you think? The planet would be way worse off if you roasted to death. And think of Z! Save the children!

chancelot said...

Go ahead and eat the horse I say... Love the summertime...Love it. HAHA

Dr. Write said...

It is the heat. It's the heat!!!! I went outside only once today (okay, twice). But it's too early in the summer for this kind of shut-in-ism, I declare.
It is supposed to thunder here by Thursday and drop 30 degrees.
Here's wishing you a similiar drop in temp.
You could always take an ice bath (ratio one bag of ice to one tub full of cold water. Soak.)