Monday, June 12, 2006


I've been a bad blogger. I want to write more, but as usual, I want more of everything. I was obsessed for a moment with personality quizzes like BlogThings and QuizBox. I like to go back and change my answers to see how the quiz is formulated. I usually know in advance which personality trait, which animal familiar, which IQ, which aura I would like to have and I answer accordingly. However, on one of the quizzes--I believe it was the 7 deadly sins quiz--I thought I was answering that sloth was the one sin I was most guilty of. Turned out, it was greed. I thought that was odd because everything in my life is geared to make me lose money, not make it.
But then I thought of what I actually spend most of my time doing--wanting more publications, wanting more time to write, wanting to eat more, wanting to be thinner, wanting a beautiful space to be in, wanting to spend more time with Zoe, wanting more long conversations with Egg, wanting to live by a lake, in the mountains, with a big great-room for company, wanting more friends so I can have more company, wanting more mail, more blogs to read, more time with my family, more choices, more plans, and, even, in a way, more money (or, less debt).
I'm greedy in all things. It's a kind of lust too--wanting so much stuff. No wonder the quiz had a hard time finding me lazy--so much wanting keeps me very very busy.


Dr. Write said...

Where is the 7 Deadly Sins quiz? Can't find it! I too think I tend toward Sloth but would probably be Greed. Or Gluttony!

val said...

Greed is definitely one of the only sins all have done. I am proud that it's not sloth or gluttony... cause that would mean you are just boring which you certainly are not!

Lisa B. said...

Greed/Gluttony: aren't they really the same?

I'm certainly guilty of both, as well as sloth, despite all business. However, I'm not going to dwell on my sinfulness, because I'm already so disappointed in myself these days that more masochism would just be overkill. So I'll just try to focus on the fact that I didn't give in _entirely_ to today's bad mood. Instead, I engaged in a little lite service to mankind and also some blogging. How industrious! How altruistic! (also prideful, but who's counting?)

Kevin Smith said...

You’ve said it all beautifully. Thanks for sharing this value able information.

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