Wednesday, June 21, 2006

TV Free

We're closing in on the move. Much is packed and stuffed into the garage. We're closing on the MI house next week and this house is on the market as of Friday. Many of my friends are leaving for their jobs soon. I'm kind of in a holding pattern--I'm done with the bittersweet: I can't leave this tree, this sidewalk, the cabinet, this blade of grass. Instead, I go outside without my shoes on and sit on the backporch to watch the sun go down. We have packed the TV. I try to read in the waning light.
Monday night, Zo was sick again. Every cold goes straight to her lungs. She sounds almost as bad as when she had RSV--Respiratory Scintilla Virus. I particularly find the Scintilla to be illustrative because she sounds like she inhaled a Chinchilla. And, as we all know, rhyming is true etymology. We went outside and let her wheeze the fresh air and we drank wine. We put her to bed and went back out. It's like when we were first dating. I don't think we came inside more than twice that first summer. Perhaps I love no TV.
This week: I'm reading Steve Almond's, (who I'm intruducing on Thursday at Writers@Work new book "Which Brings Me to You;" I'm revising my novel again (just a little) to send to the agent I met yesterday, I'm driving Writers @ Work folks to the airport, entertaining Erik's aunt, going to a cocktail party going to my mom's family reunion, waiting for the home equity line to go through and figuring out where this new Franck's restaurant is that the Trib gave 4 stars to. Thirty One and I will be there soon.
Speaking of sisters, Thirty-One's twin has started her own blog: Kendall Jackson. Hurrah! And, Thirty-One talked Kendall into coming to visit in July. Another Hurrah! And, she's meeting me in Michigan to help us unpack and get settled. Triple Hurrah!


P said...

OK, I have no idea how to write on this and I may need a course or two on modes of interaction that are used here. Are you supposed to check everyone's comments too>??

P said...

Thanks for all the hurrah's and I'm proud of you sans TV. Mine is on for no reason, contributing to global warming. I'm sorry to hear about the scintilla chinchilla.

val said...

Ok! Franck's is Tuscany. I told you we'll have to go soon! My kid sounded like Chewy last night. Up all night again! She's pissed and we were in very different time zones!!

TV is good for the world... don't forget it... it's good for me!

Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

That crash space / meal / etc. on the road offer is still open. You have my number?

Lisa B. said...

rhyme is the true etymology: how have I never heard/thought of this in all my years as a poet?

no tv: I am trying hard to see it from the point of view of, sitting on the back porch is good, rather than from the point of view of, NO TV? What the hell? But I guess the real point is, soon you'll have TV back. Isn't that the real point?

Nik said...

Thanks everybody for your comments. Yes Francks next! And thank you Mary Ann. I can't wait to be in your vicinity--though we flew into Chicago in May to drive to GR as fast as possible and it was kind of a crazy drive.
And Lisa B, your note today made me happy. And, the truth is, we still have one TV downstairs but no where to sit.