Tuesday, May 30, 2006


All the cable to the TV has been unplugged. There is no furniture to sit on. I can either go to bed or go outside. Z has gone to sleep. I come out back. I take my computer. I've never seen the screen so clearly. It's a little cold and all I can see is the light emanating from the active display, but man is it nice to be outside. It makes blogging seem less nefarious, more healthy. Me and the moon and the lot of you.

I may be out here all night.

I may, when it gets really hot, figure out how to write outside at night, in the dark, but for me and this funny TV.


Lisa B. said...

I'm sure I'm focusing on the wrong thing here, but the cable is all unplugged? God!

I love working in the dark, though. Awhile ago, I woke up in a hotel room way too early, though it was nearly morning, and I didn't want to wake up my husband, so I lay on the couch and wrote, but in longhand. I was trying really hard not to write over what I'd written the line before--but it was funny to see the meanders when it got lighter.

App Crit said...

In grad school, I had a library work room (it was actually my advisor's but he never used it, and so he let his dissertators have its use). It was great: no phone, barely no cell service, nothing but a simple desk and a fifth-storey window overlooking the lake. At night, it was a whole different world.

Of course now, I can only work in my office at night, lest anyone disract me, not that I would want to talk to them anyway ;)


Nik said...

Why I didn't know about this night-time laptop phenomenom is beyond me. I've done the writing on legal pads and hoping not to overlap too much, but it never occurred to me that I could combine the two things I love best--writing and being outside, together. When I try to write in the day outside, I can't see the screen.
When I move into my office at the University, I will employ App Crit's model for night working. From the roof. Outside.

val said...

The thing about liking night is that it makes insomnia sort of fun. Careful of that monster... she's tricky.

Sleepy E said...

This is a great idea. A great great idea. Computers in the wilderness.

Nik said...

Exactly my point Sleepy. Now we can live "off the grid," blog in the true "darkness" while small hamsters turn the wheel to power the damn things. Or something like that. Either way, I'm outside again. Inside, it's 100 degrees. Out here, a balmy 80 with the smell of campfire (OK, I'm in the city, so that's a bit disconcerting, but let's pretend), blogging to the world (OK, the 4 of you). Still. Cheers to night writing and insomnia. Now I have a plan.