Friday, February 24, 2012

A list

Do you ever, after going to the doctor, go on an anti-health kick wherein you eat cheese and pork products and fried foods for a day? I have a problem with authority.

I am cleaning the house. Every fourth inch of floor is covered in: dirt, sticky note, matchbox car, Thomas, book, book, orange peel, lego, lego, lego, train, pen, book, dirt.

I am making mole verde for dinner with pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds might be my favorite food. I hope the counteract the pork and pate products I ate after the doctor visit.

Why is it when I teach my favorite books, they do not immediately become my students' favorite books? And why, when I see the books through my students' eyes, do the books' flaws become so suddenly apparent?

More and more, the only thing I'm interested in is self-awareness. It seems possibly the rarest human trait. I like it best in others but should probably try to focus  it most thoroughly on myself.

The Associated Writing Program Annual Conference is going to be work. It used to be nothing but fun. When did this change happen? I think when Erik stopped coming with me. Also, certain blogging friends are not helping adding to the fun times because they are not going. (This is one of my more selfish rather than self-aware moments--although this parenthetical. It tilts a bit toward awareness? Is saying self-aware over and over again the least self-aware thing you can do?).

The grant website I wanted to work on is down. Does this mean I'm done for the day? Does this mean I should stop bothering with the grant since obviously too many would-be grantees have tried to access the website and have broken the server.

How can I be on 15 thesis committees? Those fiction students. How did they find me?

Weekend. They say it will be 55 tomorrow. I would like that to be true. And I would also like there to be no wind.

My mom gave Max and Zoe each a cash register for Valentine's Day. Zoe has in the meantime figured out not only all about money--how many dimes and nickels in a quarter, etc., but, because the register came with a scanner and the food that came with the scanner came with bar codes, she's scanning and adding and I am now ready to send her to the grocery store and self-check out on her own. Max just talks into the scanner like he's BJ and the Bear. Possibly the Bear.

Edited to add. Grant website back up. But I'm vacuuming! I do think I'd rather vacuum.


Lisa B. said...

I cannot express my sadness over not getting to see you at AWP because of the stupid funding situation at my place of employ.

Also, you should know that when I used to go to the doctor, which is when I was in my reproductive phase, which was long, btw, I used to always pick the earliest appointment, so I could get away with not eating or drinking before it. I felt this magically made me not quite so heavy, ergo not so likely to get the unfeeling lecture from the dr. about how watching your weight gain was good blah blah blah shut up, doc, I really really really need a doughnut right now. Which is exactly what I did when I was done with the visit. I really loved going to the dr. for this reason: a doughnut is my reward.

Re pumpkin seeds: do you remember when I made pumpkin seed brittle at Christmas time one year, and then proceeded to turn everything into brittle? Well, the pumpkin seed brittle was the bomb. Just so you know.

Dr Write said...

I love the pumpkin seed mole. Also, I am so so so sad that we will not see you at the AWP. But I will have a cocktail in your honor. And maybe send you a picture of it.
So you have to do all the AWP things for us, like see famous people and schmooze.