Wednesday, March 09, 2011

This is Hella Boring

But if I don't actually write this stuff down (which I don't usually), I fear I'll forget it. Fearing to forget is more stressful than doing the stuff. And, I have to post it here because I at least know where my blog is. If I just write a list as a word doc or a piece of paper, what's the likelihood I'll check it? But my blog, I check it every day so I can read my blog list. A perfect system? We'll see.
Italics mean it's Done.

  • To Do March 9th
  • · Call Puente de Hozho for Zoe’s 1st
  • · Email Graduate Committee spreadsheet
  • · Email grad coordinators new wording
  • · Meet with Gail Westerlund about electronic admissions
  • · Poster for Alumni Reading
  • · Call Cline about Reading
  • · Email VP research
  • · Proposal to dean by March 25
  • · Write Quiz
  • · Read essay again to write said quiz
  • · Ask G for list of students by genre
  • · Meet with Khara for thesis
  • · Write essay due March 16th
  • · Read Lydia’s thesis
  • · Email re: letter of rec
  • · Write letter instructor position recs
  • · Glenn Sobbing’s letter for study abroad
  • · Glenn’s request for writing group
  • · Tuition Waiver files
  • · Poetry responses
  • · Final wording for GTA applications
  • · Find meeting space for GSC April 13th meeting
  • · Get back to Bonita about Degree Progress Change
  • · Grade Quizzes
  • · Grade comments
  • · Get art books from David
  • · Check with David about Book arts class—too late for fee
  • · Photos of grad poets
  • · Email Julie about April Visit
  • · Check with Lynzi about posters in LA
  • · Posters around NAU? For Beyond Baroque Reading?
  • · Karna about film
  • · Questions for Rolf, Bruce and Rosy for Monday’s interviews.
  • · Email Taysha for tax ID
  • · Alpine Receipt
  • · Finish Facebook transition
  • · Call Beyond Baroque to see if they’ve ordered books for the reading
  • · Change litter box
  • · Zoe lunch stuff for week after spring break
  • · Faculty senate dues
  • · Travel certification form
  • · Ali’s recommendation form
  • · Make pumpkin muffins with Zoe
  • Rec for Khara
  • Rec for Lizzie
  • Financials for Allen


Sandy said...

Dude, I came here for ENTERTAINMENT. You must made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Sandy said...

must=just (see? I can't even type properly now)

Nik said...

I know. I'm sorry. I have no time to be entertaining. But it's spring break now. Perhaps there's hope for recovery/later in the week.

Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

If I did this to you, I'm sorry. :-) But hopefully it was helpful!

Nik said...

It probably was inspired by you. But in a good way. Ha!