Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Moving on

I have to stop posting monthly even if only because every post says "this is the worst month ever" as if I'm trying to taunt the next month.
Here's a happy post about Max, Zoe and food.
1. Max won't stay in the house. If we open the door to the garage he crawls at light speed, turns himself around to slide down the stairs, dig his knees in garage juice and turn, when he hits the driveway, and grins so hard his cheeks pummel his eyeballs. Danger. Baby.
2. When Zoe sees friends we haven't seen in awhile, she hangs back for five, four, three, two, one seconds and then catapults her body at her friends' things. If you see Zoe and you know she loves you, plant your feet deeply into the ground or she'll knock you over with her hugs.
3. Erik and I met Ander and Megan in Phoenix. We ate at Cowboy Ciao, a well-recommended restaurant. And yet, ever since, all I've wanted to eat is the nacho cheese dip that we ate by the pool at the Hotel Valley Ho.


Dr Write said...

Cheese dip. Yes.
I miss those big cheeked devils. Knock them over with hugs from me. See you all soon. I hope.

Lisa B. said...

Nacho cheese dip!

I guess that's all I have to say. I love it when you blog. LOVE.

Sandy said...

Nacho cheese dip by the pool is pretty much my idea of heaven.