Friday, November 16, 2007

Good things

In an attempt to be less complainy, a new list called Good Things. Ala Martha Stewart. Back when she could coin a phrase.

1. Triscuits.
2. Two year olds who say "Bye. Love you." every time they leave or room. Or enter one, for that matter.
3. Husbands who clean up after said child's artistic experiments with "clay" otherwise known as "poop."
4. Other people hosting parties so I can make the cholesterol-busting, stuffed mushrooms.
5. Birthday weeks. Nay, birthday months.
6. Friends who let me go back and forth deciding what to do for said birthday and promise to bring pie no matter what I decide.
7. People who sent cards and emails and presents (including Gordon's Gold because nothing says 23 like Gordon Lightfoot) even though I'm far away and am not good at sending presents myself.


Lisa B. said...

by the way, happy birthday, whenever it actually is.

Also, I love stuffed mushrooms, and in fact have never met a mushroom I didn't like so long as it was stuffed. I wonder what is in yours? My first mushrooms were stuffed with chopped mushroom stems (isn't that basically duxelles? but nevermind . . . ), onion, and celery, sauteed in butter, mixed with breadcrumbs and spiced with a little sage and turmeric. A Betty Crocker recipe! From the seventies!

Dr. Write said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm sorry, I'm forgetful. I am! But I wish I were there to drink wine and eat those delicious stuffed mushrooms. Yum, yum, yum.
We'll celebrate when you're here, whenever that is.

Molly said...

I'll bring pie. Or at least some fondue pots.

I think I might crash your party on Thursday evening. Is that okay? I won't bring pie, though. Everyone will be too damn stuffed.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday nik baby nik!!!
love misty