Tuesday, February 27, 2007

off, off forth on swing

Can I just quote Hopkinis' Windhover during my panel?
I already use the superbowl as a reference so how much weirder would that be?
I'm SO excited to see High Touch & Dr. Write & Strange Polks and meet Terrible Mother. A convergence of friends. I suppose there ARE other reasons to convene but this is the best one.
I give my panel presentation with Margot Singer and Nick Flynn and David Shields on Saturday. I wish it was on Wednesday so then the rest of the conference would just be relaxing but it's probably for the best I stay somewhat on task.
The best bit is that after this, it's Spring Break at Grand U so I can relax afterwards. What a semester! What a winter!
It's going to be 60 degrees. I'm bringing skirts and a swimmin' suit.
If I can report from there I will.


Dr. Write said...

I'm bringing a suit to, but I'm not hopeful. The forecast calls for rain. or sprinkles. Maybe nice sprinkles.
Can't wait to see you!!

Lisa B. said...

So excited about the convergence!

Paulk said...

I'm hoping for Wi-Fi at the hotel!

No suit for me. You'll thank me later.

Paulk said...

That sounded much dirtier than I meant it.

Scorpion's Tail said...

Please give Margot and Nick my best...and have a great time. I'm missing out...

P said...

I hope all is well and everyone is warm in balmy GA. It's raining like crazy here in Baltmore, Hon. I loved your recent blogs.

Heather said...

Oh, we should have hung out more, Nik. Should have, should have. But next year, I swear, we shall!

You were totally adorable at that party, too, telling other people "This is Terrible Mother." It killed me. Killed me dead.

Nik said...

I just posted that it wasn't enough. Maybe next year!