Sunday, February 18, 2007


1. They (Blogger) made me move to the new blogger. Urg. I hate to be forced to make changes.
2. Erik has a new Mac! I hate new computers but this screen is sweet (I'm typing on it right now). He needed two gigs of RAM to run Final Cut. Two gigs of RAM! I remember when 16 megabytes were great. I mean, I remember when 256 K was normal, but that was never great.
3. Blog world is freaking me out. Bitch PhD wrote some smart and salient post and people went CRAZY on her. She's a brave and well-armored woman. One day, I'll have some chutzpah.
4. Getting excited about AWP
5. Hoping Zoe stays healthy.
6. Erik and I each bought 2 lbs of Tillamook Cheddar at Costco. We already had some cheese. I'm pretty sure there's about 5 lbs of medium cheddar in our house. At least Zoe and her sitters won't starve while we're basking in the rays of Atlanta, GA.
7. I've taken to deleting huge portions of my manuscripts.
8. Started NEA project poems.
9. I'm writing serious comments on my students' workshop poems. I wonder if any prof I had wrote comments at all. I know Eleanor and Melanie did. And Robin wrote a brief paragraph. But others? Not so much.
10. No president's day for us at the Grand U tomorrow. They've rigged the schedule so we can get out by April 19th! The summer cometh.


Dr. Write said...

April 19th? Good God! But I might give up President's Day for that!! I remember Eleanor's comments. In pencil. All over the page. She is a goddess.
I decided to apply for an NEA despite the fact that my life, up to this point, has proven that I am not a winner (aside from that sweat suit in 7th grade).
I am SO looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta. Even though I'm on the wagon, I may be allowed to eat one or two extra things by the time I get there. We'll see.
But not cheese. So leave that at home!!

Lisa B. said...

Wow, early release date (getting out of jail date? pretty much!)! I hope I get to see you at AWP--maybe at that great tapas place Dr. W. has identified?

Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

I try to do a typed page of response for my grad students, though that's for prose. Don't generally make any line edits. Don't know what I'd do for poetry...

Nik said...

The new blogger ate my last comments but yea to the NEA applying, yea to tapas with Lisa B and ditto MA on the one page typed comments for prose. For poetry, I try to hand-write comments because why? Poetry's more spontaneous? More pen-y? I prefer my poetry students decipher my illegible handwriting? A combination of cryptography and its own poetic impulse perhaps.

Anonymous said...

that tillamook stuff isn't as good as it should be; get the irish cheese next time. Dubliner I think. That shit is on./A