Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Dr. C added me to her blogroll so I thought I'd better return the favor and update. I have only updates because something about break has sucked the life out of me. It's been so great to be home, eat, hang out, drink excessively, write a little, see so many people that I adore, but, man, it's been nonstop. Tonight is the first night we haven't been out to dinner or over to someone's house in over 13 days. So many abundances that are so scarce in G.R. (where we're missing the Gerald Ford funeral--such pomp & circumstance.) I simultaneously can't stand the idea of going back and can't wait. It's so comfortable her and we have so much help with Z but life seems sort of suspended. Thank god I got the emails that I did so I felt connected to the ever-moving stream of things.
The good things are that I've heard from long and lost friends this break and am so happy to have reconnected. I have written enough that I'm not overwhelmed with that which I must write when I get back. I did what I could to balance the amount of time we saw everyone although we erred on mountain-side of sleeping-over just because it's so hard to move back and forth and so easy to just sit around here and look up at Mt. Olympus and drink 5 cups of coffee and then eat breakfast. My mom's house was great too. Everyone has been so generous with their space and food and time.
Christmas itself: eh. I'm grinchy. I hate all the plastic and the anticipation and the disappointment and the money spent. Who knew I'd become so much like my Reed College self--particulalry particular and a bit on the judgemental side. There was so much stuff for Z that even she who is always cheerful and patient started to shove aside one present for the next. Not my favorite kid behavior.
My syllabi are about 75% done. I plan to finish them tonight or tomorrow. 3 is a lot of preps I just now realize. I really want these syllabi to have imagined every contingency but I know there will be details I missed. Still, I'm excited for the readings and I think the pace of the class will be much more reasonable this time semester.
I can't wait to hear from folks about their MLA successes. I hope good news for all of them although I think this was a pretty rough year. I feel I'm pretty lucky to have the job I have.

All in all I'm looking forward to 2007.

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Lisa B. said...

I, too, am looking forward to 2007. By the way, the writing of syllabi consumes so much teacherly and writerly energy! Shouldn't there be more credit given for this? Aren't there publications to be had out of it?