Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Woods Decay

And decay and decay. And then they fall.
It's my birthday. I love my birthday, especially since now I've started counting backwards.
Best Birthday present:
Thirty-one Flavors flew to see me.
Best Surprise:
Finding out last Thursday that I was awarded an NEA grant.
Best Celebratory Wine:
Justin, Cab. Also, Sebastiani Simi Valley. Other wines, not as good, though well drunk.
Worst birthday present: Zoë presenting with pneumonia.
Better birthday present: Zoë waking up this morning singing instead of coughing.
Best asker of wtf regarding my tepid response to the news: A tie between Margot and Dr Write
Number of people who thought the NEA, in this case, stood for the National Education Association: 2
Number of people who teased me for getting a grant only graders 1-12 can get: 2 (31 and Egg)
Most Ecstatic: My mom.
Most able to see why it would take me awhile to be happy about the news: Fellner
Most immediately happy and proud: Egg

Birthday plans include: not much. No sleep for listening to make sure Zo would keep breathing.
Birthday dinner: steak and mashed potatoes although I suppose I should start worrying about plaque in my arteries though I plan to use more of that red wine stuff to scrub them out.

Most grateful: me, for the grant and for Zoe seeming to be on the upmend.


Dr. Write said...

congratulations! again! glad Z is on the mend as well. See? Everything's turning up roses.

Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

Happy Birthday and HUGE Congrats on the grant! You folks are so smart and talented!!!

Lisa B. said...

Congratulations, my dear girl, on a birthday and an NEA grant! That is swell and a half!

Trista said...

Congratulations on the grant, and your birthday! And here's hoping that the little one gets better and soon.

Nik said...

Thanks everyone for the nice notss. The Dr. gave Zoe the all-clear so the guilt-free celebrations can begin (we've been celebrating guiltily all week long).