Thursday, January 15, 2015

Breakfast--A Safe Subject

Actually, it's probably not a safe subject considering that nothing has not an opinion attendant and yet I'm venturing back to the blog with an update on breakfast foods.

Some days, I eat cereal but Zoe is on this Honey Bunches of Oats kick and Max likes Cinnamon Life (or maybe they switched favorites this week) but no matter because I like none of them. Usually, I eat breakfast with them before Erik takes them to school but lately, with these too-sweet-cereals, I've just sent them off and then poked around the fridge for something less abominable. Usually, I go with toast, which, at least this brand, has just as many refined sugars but you can put butter on it to make it taste less sweet. But the other day, I had leftover quinoa. I added some pine nuts and some almonds, some currants and some coconut (and, admittedly, a little butter) and it was good--less processed-food-tasting and not too sweet.

Max and Zo like oatmeal but they prefer waffles and French Toast and sweet cereal. I like granola but I keep forgetting to buy it and I keep promising to make it. Granola is safe for everyone.

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Lisa B. said...

We have cereal around our house because of my son, who eats it occasionally (we seriously have frosted flakes and apple jacks in the house at the moment!). The historian likes raisin bran, which I do too, at least sometimes. I plan to have a tiny bowl of apple jacks soon, as a tribute to my youth when sugar cereal was HUGE and didn't make my teeth hurt. Mostly, I like buckwheat pancakes and eggs when there's time, and also oatmeal. These are my breakfast thoughts.