Tuesday, July 29, 2014


1. Today, I will just begin with the ouchingest complaint. Somehow, a nice arts organization invited me to be part of their next art exhibit. I didn't even have to apply. I just got the email in my inbox. Resident-writer-type thing. But there are workshops, some of which are all day and all night, where attendance is required and I have guests in town that week who will be staying at my house, possibly in tents. For the grant, I and the other grantees would have gone to the North Rim. I would have learned more about climate effects on fire. I would have hung out with artists and foresters. There was an honorarium attached. It's part of my sabbatical project. Oh oh oh. Ouch. I cried for five minutes and then I felt like hell for another two hour. Three hours later, I am patting my self on the back for being resigned and recognizing that being mature is making choices and handling disappointment with grace. And then I threw my shoe on the floor.

2. Max is super sick. He has a fever that spikes. I give him Tylenol. It goes down. The fever spikes. I give him Ibuprofen. Rinse. Repeat all day. He also got like 90 bug bites yesterday. Apparently mosquitoes like hot babies. This is also slightly sad because I had some plans and some plans to make but I would rather hold hot Max and give him juice, so the plans will have to wait maturely.

3. The bathroom project continues. The tile guy was here all day Thursday, all day Monday, and all day today. He's not done and the rest of the tile hasn't been delivered yet. The tile looks good but I'm a little concerned that the bathroom area requires more tile than the Taj Majal which might make this project as expensive as building the Taj Majal and now that I didn't get my surprise honorarium that I didn't even plan for, I will have to sell my house and live on the North Rim in my tent that requires no tile.

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