Saturday, April 09, 2011

Blogging Chopped

Since it is the end of the semester and the work is plentiful and yet amorphous (well, it's amorphous and redundant--reading theses, reading GTA applications, giving a reading at Beyond Baroque, hosting alumni reading, getting ready for High Altitude Writers Institute Reading, reading for nonfiction, reading for poetry, reading to prep for first fiction class taught in three years) and I have had a migraine for three days, and I cut my eye somehow--I believe by rubbing it with all the dog hair that flies freely around the house, and I have a meeting and another meeting and possibly fifteen meetings between now and May 7th, and it's snowing in April and it's snowing a foot of snow in April and the dog is still shedding and Max has given up sleeping at night and Zoe likes SpongeBob now after so many years of resistance and people are moving house across the country and other people are sleeping on floors and my mom looks young but isn't anymore, really, and there are books that pile up to be reread and revised or retossed like a salad and since I can't even toss a salad these days without hitting myself in the eye with a tong (perhaps therefore the cut), that perhaps I will blog about the main thing I do in my spare time which is watch Chopped on the Food Channel. Sometimes I even dream about it. Not as much as I dreamt about Battlestar Galactica but almost. Perhaps these will be dreamy posts about Ted Allen (no, he's a chump) or Alex (she's my favorite judge). Perhaps I will just write a long groan.

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Dr Write said...

Oh the snow and the meetings! I feel you! But I hope these will both be over post haste so that we may sip cold beverages in the sun. Remember the sun?