Sunday, January 30, 2011

January high points

There weren't many. I hate to be mean to January since both Max's and the twins' birthdays are in January but January bites. And there were two high-points: Duck fat and white truffle butter. Gifts given to me by those twins in this month where extra fat is the only way to guard against depression.
I don't usually feel guilty about so much fat but it was so cold when we got back from Salt Lake that a couple of days I couldn't run. As you know, my running consists of forest-trotting every day for a half an hour. But the snow that came in December was so thick it just barely started to melt which meant on days when it was over 20 degrees, I had to run on the road. All those housewives watching me run so slow through their frosty windows. Blech.
The high hope that Max would sleep through the night disappeared in the first few days.
The start of school loomed and then it actually started and although I love my students, all the busy-work of my job started even before the actual semester did. Marketing. I did some marketing. I don't really believe in marketing. The university should speak for itself. But I'd like some more poetry students. So I'm sending missives out into the world, asking for some great poets. This isn't bad but it isn't exactly what I'd like to do with my time. Please send some students preferably when its warm and seductive here.
Also. Erik's remodeling the living room. He scraped the popcorn ceilings (no asbestos. We checked). This will be GREAT news in February but right now is very dusty news.
So I'm looking forward to that February because, even if it's just like January, it's shorter. And then, it will be March, when I can begin to pretend it's spring.


Lisa B. said...

January is a bracing challenge of a month. 3/5 of my children's birthdays are in January (two in December, 1 in Feb., if you can believe it. I still can't.), and even a general surfeit of CAKE can't really change the fact that you just have to get through January. Survive it. Sounds like you have. Here's to a cheerier February--often there are signs of harbingers of hints of rumors that it might be spring sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

I'm right there with you. January sucks. And I'm not sure February will be much better. I'm looking to March.

Nik said...

I'm going to buy some cake to get through today and tomorrow.
Here's something to look forward to. I bet they play reruns of Groundhog Day on TNT all day Groundhog Day long.

Dr Write said...

That is cheering, Nik (the idea of GHD reruns).
I look forward to February, because it Son's b-day, even though I'm not sure I'm happy about him being .... 10! WTF?
Anyway, I am hoping for less terrible air and some sun.
A girl's gotta dream.

radagast said...

Mmm. Fat of duck and butter of truffle . . . two more high points of January than I could think of.