Thursday, June 03, 2010

Good ideas

I had a series of disappointing news bits which is, of course, normal but still less than fun. However, I met with some readers today and they gave me some good ideas. I love it when you go to people not for reassurance but for real ideas. I got some. Thank you good readers.

Although they were going to come for all of June, Erik's parents are just coming for this weekend. They drove down from Torrey in 6 hours. This is making the trip a little more reasonable but for somewhere that should only be 4 hours away, it's still annoying. I need a helicopter.

We went to Beaver Street Brewery's new outfit, The Lumberyard. The building was gorgeous. A remodeled sawmill with corrugated metal walls and polished concrete floors. While we were in the bathroom, talking about how nice and new everything was, Zoe said, they didn't finish the floors that well to which everyone in the stalls laughed. The beer was fine according to Erik. Nothing too exciting. Erik ordered a Pilsner to which he says was "eh." The Kolsh was better because it was more hoppy, ended dry and was well-balanced (I made him come up with some adjectives). Rick, Erik's stepdad, said the Gold was good. Erik thinks if you make the light beers well it bodes well for the heavier beers. BUT, who cares about beer?

The food was mediocre. It's so sad because Beaver Street Brewing's food is also so mediocre. I ordered the Hot Italian Beef. No people. Have you ever been to Chicago? They pulverized the hot peppers, added something tomato-y to the jus, and the meat was fatty. It got stuck in my teeth. The bun came pre-soggy. Ick. Not pleased. Zoe ordered chicken wings without sauce. Those were better. Erik had sliders--mediocre. 2.5/5 (Erik prefers the rating system.) The fries were good. We're going to Criollo this weekend to have some proper food. Nachos with bacon which make you think, why didn't nachos always come with bacon? (I suppose that is the question for all food, but in this case, it's an immediate one).

This weekend, we might go to the Hopi Mesas. I hope to see some examples of the three sisters farming--beans, squash and corn. I've never been east to the Hopi reservation. Apparently, tourists can visit the first two mesas but they are not allowed on the third. I hate feeling like a tourist and an outsider but I presume it's my turn to do that.

Art walk tonight downtown and tacos for El's birthday. Fish tacos? Tofu tacos? Steak tacos with extra veg? There's a recipe in Food & Wine for Gas Station Tacos: bean dip, American cheese, pork rinds and beef jerky. Plus an apple. Because you can get apples at gas stations. I think we'll make Chipotle-rubbed Salmon Tacos with lime juice, orange, chiptole chile powder. And mayo. Usually I make chipotle mayo for fish tacos. This will be a little different.

Did I mention that Erik got me an Alinea cookbook for Christmas? I just now have time to read it. It's insane. 17 recipes for Wagyu beef. 23 for a goose dish. I did however make a rendition of their Opah. Recipe over here.


Logical Libby said...

I have never been to a brewery that had good food. I think they expect you to be drunk enough to eat anything.

Dr. Write said...

Now I want a beer. And I have so much to do! Oh, beer!
I am sorry about your disappointing news. Also wondering if/when we will see you and your cute offspring in this neighborhood. When, pray tell? is that one word?

Lisa B. said...

disappointing restaurants = why? there is no good reason. Your tacos, however, sound sublime. It's good to have a good taco to rescue the disappointing food situation.

Kindra said...

speaking of bacon, an almost non sequiter...have you picked up Ari Weinzweig's Guide to Better Bacon. He co-founded Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor.