Monday, May 24, 2010

Where Have I Been, Where Am I Going

One thing I like best about food blogging is that every day becomes memorable. A daily log is only memorable to the log--the experience happens only once in the writing of it. But the food blog recounts the food making itself, the writing of the food, and can be returned to with purpose (looking up the recipe) beyond the relatively uncommon nostalgic re-read of the regular list. The "tags" function works similarly to the food writing. You can recall and reorganize purposefully that previous writing.

But I have been cooking more and blogging less which is bad for the memory and bad for the practicality of noting the important passing of days. Max is 4 and a half months old. I've gone camping and hiking with him. I've been to Wyoming and Denver without him. But the only thing that makes it not a blur is to remember the food. I've put him in the sling to make skirt steak roulades for local folks and fish tacos for the guest writer. I made veggie burgers from scratch and carne asada tacos camping outside of Bluff, Utah.

So, to keep this summer from disappearing, to slow down Max's exponential growth rate, and to make sure I'm writing every day and cooking almost every day, I'm going to post either here or at my sisters' new food blog, Poets, Pages and Vowels. Wish me luck.


Logical Libby said...

I love food blogs! Ready to follow now!

Lisa B. said...

This makes me feel kind of giddy on several points:

1. more blogging
2. food intelligence from some purty gifted cooks.
3. more blogging! I said that already. More blogging . . . from you!

Adam Million said...

Food gets in the way of so many other things...and I love it.