Monday, February 09, 2009

Snow Afternoon

Erik says my blog is getting list-rutty. It's been a listy semester so far, and I mean that in terms of bullet points and tilt. Today, I chaired my first thesis prospectus meeting. And then I hung out in my office and revised and revised and emailed and emailed students until the news came the campus was closed.

It snows a lot here, when it snows. And then it gets sunny and the snow melts. And then it gets snowy again.

I'm making mushroom soup tonight.

See why I write bullet points? I have nothing particularly coherent to say.

I leave for Chicago on Wednesday, should the snow stop and the planes fly.

Perhaps then I'll have something to say after AWP???


Dr. Write said...

Yeah! Chicago! It snowed here in the morning, but then it all melted. Such is life.
Can't wait to see you. We can make our own list!

Lisa B. said...

I like this post because it feels like a day feels. Even though bullet points account for a day, they don't *feel* like a day.

I hope your weather makes travel a breeze. And speaking of breeze, see you in Chicago.

Middlebrow said...

I'm jealous. Maybe Dr. Write should stay home and I should go to Chicago. I'm creative durnit!

Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

Happy to see you and Dr. Write -- sorry not to see Middlebrow! He should come too!

My plan is to go to this (February 11, 2009, Program for Writers Spring Publishing Panel, 2 p.m., Barbara's Bookstore on S. Halsted), then show up at the conference hotel to register, then walk one block up to Roosevelt to prep for our Wed night party (430 S. Michigan Ave., Congress Lounge, party starts at 6, please stop by! Minimal refreshments, cash bar, because we are poor). Looking forward to seeing you all!

P said...

Pretend you have that day Ferris takes off and see all the sites. Go to that wonderful museum at least if you have time. Do Writers go to art museums? Or just book stores. Enjoy your snow days and packing for the coldest place on earth!

Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

Oh, and the Art Institute is free all this month, for some unknown reason. It's three blocks from the conference hotel.