Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Wrap-up

I went as "Today's Mail" for Halloween which goes to show how much time and energy I put into this year's contest. I used tape and binder clips and paperclips to attach that day's mail. Except, the mail that came on October the 31st was kind of boring and/or bills so I had to root around for a bit more interesting mail.

I just removed a paperclip and a return address sticker from the shirt I wore today. Apparently, I did not wash said shirt over the weekend.

The best Halloween ever was had by us because all the events are downtown. We walked from the library to the haunted house to the music in the square where women dressed like zombies and did body-falling-off dance moves to the beat. Almost everyone was dressed up--butterflies, prison-escapees, ghouls, disco dancers, Nemo and Dory. We sat and had a glass of wine at Cuvee 928 and watched the band and the kids collect glow sticks. Then we went from shop to shop to gather candy from finely dressed shopkeepers. My favorite was Bunnicula.

Egg had to work so Z and I finished trick or treating and came home to a happily door-bell-ring-free existence. We ate pumpkin seeds, radishes, turnips and carrots.

A perfect Halloween until that night when Z woke up with a sore throat and couldn't go back to sleep (or stop whimpering). She woke up feeling fine but we were all zombies (insert All Soul's Day joke here) So Saturday was kind of a loss but we managed to go on a walk and make delicious lasagna with butternut squash, sage and andouille sausage. Z and I made the softest, most magical noodles, making me think November will be a fine culinary month, even if not everything else works out (insert election is tomorrow and there's too much anxiety in my heart. Also. Have you seen this ad? It made me cry, not least because I used to sing that song to Z in the NICU.

May we all sleep a little tonight.


Dr. Write said...

Okay, that ad led me down a long and twisted link trail.
But I love that song. I don't know all the words though...
Your Halloween sounds great. And you always have such good costumes. I didn't dress up, but took the kids tricking and then hung out.
A good night.
Voting starts really soon. Let's get ready!

P said...

Ok, I've been crying all over the blogs today. That is a very good ad. I was hoping I would feel relief after I voted but now I'm anxious as hell. Have a good night with the returns.