Saturday, September 20, 2008

Freaking out

IN general, I'm just feeling the panic of a new job, no accessible friends, the constant panting for the emails of acceptance, the sharp personalities of graduate students, and the pressing day-to-day business of trying to eat at home, get out onto the trails or into the mountains during this gorgeous season, hit the farmer's market and try to make my own cheese to go with my new-found ability to make bread.
But the main panic is the Obama. The news today claimed that the level of racism in this country suggests that Obama just can't win. He'd be 6% higher in the polls if he wasn't black. As it is, he's dead even. And that's a poll of people willing to admit that they have "negative thoughts about black people." I imagine people fully planning on voting for Barack going into the voting booth and just not being able to do it.
I hope I'm wrong. I'm trying to force myself to call swing state voters but it makes me very nervous to do that kind thing. But if I don't, and he loses, I'll kick myself for doing nothing except sending a few bucks Obama's way. Because while I can't talk people out of being racist, maybe I can talk them into putting their racism last on their list of priorities. Saving the environment, providing health insurance for the 46 million without, fixing this suddenly socialist economy from further capitalistic greed, finding our way back to some kind of global honor, protecting the Endagered Species Act, letting women choose what happens to their own bodies--these things have to be more important than the judgement of someon'es race, don't they?
God I hate to cold call.

Edited to Add: Called 10 numbers. 6 not homes. 2 refusals to talk to me. 2 all for McCain. I think I'll be done for now.


Valerie said...

I know. I know. I hate cold calls too. I'm thinking of throwing my own fundraiser. I can send him the $4 I raise

Dr. Write said...

One thing you can do...that I'm planning on doing, is handing out voter registration cards at school. I know, it probably will work against me here, but still. Maybe where you are it will work? I keep giving money to the new voter registration causes because I think that maybe, maybe?, our hope lies in those who have never voted before. They are not old enough to be jaded and cynical and racist. And maybe, maybe?, they are all in for this hope/change thing.
But, I'm sort of with you.

Anonymous said...

You have more courage than I do, or maybe less apathy. I tend to stand by and hope that somebody will do something. Thanks on my behalf. We can't possibly stand to have more of the same can we?

chancelot said...

Don't worry, mcsame is a moron. in October Obama will pull away. Good looks on the cold calling though.

Anonymous said...

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