Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Where Have All the Calories Gone?

In my stomach!
Here's a post to food as a guide to where the time has gone.

I often plan to make lists to post. Two recent posting ideas included previous Halloween Costume's and Bob's Red Mill grains in alphabetical order. The latter was one of my methods to fall asleep. Amaranth grain, bulgur, corn meal...I'll spare you the rest.

But since I've been trying to do some accounting of where the hell the time has gone, I thought I would try to reconstruct what I've done, at least in the evenings, (with some memorable days added in) since I got to the town with salt and mountains, in blog backwards time fashion.

Be warned, this may be as interesting as "millet, n...(i can't think if an "n" grain or baking product), oats, potato flour, rye..."

Starting with the future:
Saturday--leave for town with mountains but no salt.
Friday--Day, alpine slide. Night, Sue's with kids.
Thursday--Day, visit grandma. Night, Napoli pizza with Egg.
Wednesday--Day, hike with Egg. Night, Paris with M and Little Hands.

Now the past:
Tuesday--Day, lunch with Chapman at Finn's--lovely open-faced sandwiches. Night, delicious dinner with lemon and pancetta pasta made by Little Hands.
Monday--Afternoon, great time with grad school friends. Night, OK time at Egg's aunt's house.
Sunday--Day, swimming with Little Hands and kids. Night, Z's birthday with the fam at El and Rick's! New York steaks with red bell pepper vinaigrette, trout with pine nut butter, salmon with leftover lime-jalepeno butter. Plus mac & cheese.

Saturday--Day, family reunion on mom's side. Night, party at Rick's friend's house. Brats.
Friday--Dinner with mom & co. Sleepover at mom's (Missed Dr. Write's and other folks' reading. Still feeling bad about it).
Thursday--Day, writing group. Night, dinner at Trio, wedding at a ward in West Jordan.
Wednesday--Day, lunch with ex-boyfriend from long, long ago (although he looks young so it makes me feel much less old) Red Rocks. Veggie Sandwich. Night, dinner at Em's with Em! Pate. For dinner.
Tuesday--Night, lamb thanks to mom at Val's.
Monday--Kyoto with mom. Ate 1000 times too much sushi. Z used chopsticks!
Sunday--Day, Kayak with El and Rick and Z and Egg. Night?

Saturday--Day, by to Kendall Jackson, prep for big Sibs (Ell's siblings'). Night, sib's dinner. Rick made corn husk wrapped snapper with lime-jalepeno butter. Delicious.
Friday--Goodbye dinner with P. Little Hand's fabulous pork, my everyday tacos. Sue, Van, Tim and Camille.
Thursday--Reading at King's English. Dinner at Paris with Pam. Artichoke pizza--too salty.
Wednesday-- Night, Oyster Bar with KJ, Little Hands and mom.
Tuesday--Iron Chef Mushroom (another would-be blog post). See KJ and Little Hands for details.
Monday--Tres Hombres with everyone, including KJ. Not good food. Not at all.
Sunday--Father's Day Day: Kayak on the Jetta with KJ, Little Hands, kids, El & Rick and Egg!--Rib-eyes thanks to Little Hands at El and Rick's.

Saturday--KJ's delicious: Red Snapper with ginger lime sauce, quinoa and baby artichokes.
Friday--Greenstreet. Not delicious.
Thursday--KJ comes to salty town. Day: lunch at Training Table. Night ?

OK. That gets me to June 12th. Other great times included Trio lunch with Dr. Write, brie with apple & nut compote, writing group, tabbouleh and hummuses (regular, red bell pepper, chipotle) made by me, roasted chickens by Little Hands (delicious) twice--once with Em & beau and kids, another Paris meal with Little Hands and friend including Steak Tartar and the charcuterie plate (delicious), Hires (twice. Pretty good), wine at Scorpion's Tail, Rick's family over for dinner, Rick's friends over for dinner, halibut tacos which George loved, halibut and mashed potatoes for Em, Beautiful lunch with mom at Oasis (Mediterranean Salad), OK lunch at Oasis with El and Joyce, Erik and Z, three dinners, always stuffed poblanos, at Red Butte Cafe, one odd brunch at the downtown OB after Gay Pride.

Missing? Hong Kong Tea House. Pho. Street tacos. Red Iguana. This new Acme Burger.

Fortunately, I've gotten quite a bit of running in in between these many meals. Still, who eats this much? My life as a Michelin Restaurant Guide. But I am so lucky to eat so well with so many fine folks. There will be less eating in Ponderosa Mountain Town. Unless you all come to visit!

I didn't just eat. I had a bit of productivity. I also wrote 40 pages of crazy, 1 poem, 238 emails, mentored my mentee, installed wireless internet and more memory for my mom's computer, read 4 books including the best book ever (The Road Home), Dead Lucky, The Snow Leopard and Love Medicine. I started the very bad Eat, Pray, Love.

If anyone notices any food or fun I neglected, please let me know.

Next posting from Town Filled with Ponderosa.


Lisa B. said...

This sounds like a visit home well-spent. What is a vacation if you didn't eat too much of the most delicious food imaginable? Sorry, as usual, that I missed my chance to see you, and hope the next mountain town is delightful. You'll keep us posted, I'm sure?

Molly said...

Two things:

1. Noodle flour is special blend of flour used for the making of Asian style noodles. (This from Wikipedia)

2. Eat, Pray, Love was good. It seems like me, Oprah, and the rest of America are the only ones who think so. All my literary crowd is refuting it. I can't figure out why.

3. I lied - here's a third thing - I'm glad you're having fun, but I miss you.

P said...

excellent blog! Now I'm hungry! Who knew little hands existed?