Sunday, July 08, 2007

More nice things to say

about the place I live.
Lo, though it is 90+ today, it will be the hottest day of the year thus far. No hundred degree temps recorded since 1988. The humidity is a bit troublesome but since it hasn't rained, it doesn't feel too sticky.
And, there is water around here so I don't feel that desperate desert feeling I get in SLC in the summer when the edges of the tree's leaves start to brown and the grass gets crusty even though it's watered seven days a week. I just finished the book "The Worst Hard Time" by Timothy Egan which reminded me of all the trouble that goes into trying to garden-up a desert.
There is a little lake here--about a mile away. Zo and I ride around it once a week or so. She likes her bike seat a lot. From our perch we saw a turtle, a beaver and some ducklings. We've been mapping the ducklings progress and they are getting almost grown-up sized.
And, we're off to the big lake this afternoon after Erik finishes tearing down a wall, I write something, and Zo takes a nap. The big lake is as nice as the ocean with waves and super-sandy beaches.
So, this place, this summer, not so bad.
Look forward to more weather updates since pretty much that's all I think about, an obsession Egan's book thoroughly justifies.


Dr. Write said...

Hot here, but not crazy. Not right now. But yes, hot. I miss lake swimming and water in general.
We're off to Idaho where it's only in the high 80s. And there is some water there.

P said...

We have ducklings in the courtyard at my school and they come back each year. The principals secretary makes them a bath out of a kiddie pool and they even have a ramp to get in it. It is about 100 million degrees here today in the south...

Lisa B. said...

having just spent a few days in Seattle, I can say that being around lakes is very nice indeed. I have a hankering to do the midwest high and low next summer, so maybe the historian and I will dip a toe into Michigan.