Monday, October 23, 2006

Late October

Two points. Or rather, one point and one question:
I really don't hate grading. I just wish it didn't take so long.
I'm going as the forest floor for Halloween. Zoe will be a squirrel. Or a chipmunk.. I'm trying to talk Erik into being a forest Satyr (name pun) but he's insisting on wearing a toga. I think a toga and some hooves would work. I really wanted to rehash my Lemon Fresh Scent costume but Erik gave it away at a party on Saturday. I also liked last year's Whitman themed "Stucco'd o'er with quadrapeds" but nobody got that.
Here's the question: Have I been the forest floor before?


Dr. Write said...

I love the family themed costumes. I think this might be the second year we try (and fail) to go as the Superfriends.
Maybe I'll go as Isis.
And I haven't ever seen you as the forest floor, but that doesn't mean you haven't done it. But as far as everyone there is concerned you haven't done it. So do it!

Lisa B. said...

I hate Halloween so. much., but I do think that your costume ideas are fantastic. As in fantastic! I would say that, even if you've been the forest floor before, you could do it again. A different forest, maybe. Or during a different season? Are there forests on Venus (that way you and E could go as a Venutian and a Martian forest, respectively)?

P said...

I think your drought costume is confusing you about the forest floor.

Let's see...
Twister, (what else happened at Reed?) drought, monkeywrench gang/ blair witch project, etc???
and those already mentioned: whitman quadrepeds, lemon fresh,

Nik said...

Thanks P! I forgot about drought. That was similar. Forest floor went wellish but no real party for anyone to see.