Wednesday, September 13, 2006

In lieu of a real post

Your Theme Song is Back in Black by AC/DC

"Back in black, I hit the sack,

I've been too long, I'm glad to be back"

Things sometimes get really crazy for you, and sometimes you have to get away from all the chaos.

But each time you stage your comeback, it's even better than the last!

I feel better already.


Dr. Write said...

Your Theme Song is Beautiful Day by U2
"Sky falls, you feel like
It's a beautiful day
Don't let it get away"

You see the beauty in life, especially in ordinary everyday moments.
And if you're feeling down, even that seems a little beautiful too

I don't know who these people are, but they are totally wrong. My theme song is Pyromania by Def Leppard. Duh!

Trista said...

Hey, my theme song is the same as your theme song!

PS - free shipping on spork if you order this week...

Nik said...

Yay to both Spork & Def Leppard (really, they don't spell Leopard "Leopard"? At least Icky Fried Ick returned the spork.)

middlebrow said...

You need to read Adam Roberts funny high theory reading of Back in Black at The Valve.

Adam Roberts on Back in Black

Sleepy E said...

My theme song is also "Back in Black." I hate "Back in Black." this is bullshit. Bullshit!

Nik said...

I do prefer You Shook Me. I'm off to read the High Theory of Adam Roberts so to understand more myself. And my music.