Thursday, November 03, 2005

Don't need a weatherman

Winter is coming--eventually. Even with global warming, it will still get cold and snowy for at least a couple days this year. Egg and I spent all day winterizing the backyard. We mulched plants and dug up sunflowers. I'm going to make habenero salsa with the beautiful orange peppersI salvaged from the impendng (we hope) freeze. The mums were red and some weird flowers Erik planted were orange to match the peppers.
When I came inside to save Zoe from the Cleo dog who knocked the baby over in her bouncy chair, there was a wasp buzzing around. A bee in November. Ah well, the peppers will get hotter, the tomatoes more red as the summers get longer.

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Trista said...

we still have tomatoes out in our garden that we have put off harvesting because a) we're too damn tired b)I don't get home until after dark and c)we're hoping they'll finally ripen so we can make salsa. I think we have to give up and harvest them... tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Maybe. I think I gave up on the garden.

PS -- baby pictures, baby pictures, what does Zoe look like now?