Sunday, September 04, 2005

End of the world

I keep thinking about the dogs and cats left in the houses. And global warming. And the way that now that catastrophe has struck, everyone's shelling out the cash but when New Orleans asked last year for 2.7 billion dollars to reinforce and modernize the levee system, it was deemed too expensive. Now people are wading through a soggy cemetery trying to get some place dry. 10.5 billion dollars later, the government comes to the rescue--throwing MRE's and bottled water to the masses. At some point, this wait till it's broken approach will fail even more ridiculously. Part of me looks forward to seeing how bad it gets. No oil. No heat. No trucks to bring groceries. No water where it's needed most. Too much where it's not needed at all.
Perhaps I can go into business, try to entrepreneur my way into watching Utah turn temperate forest or plush agricultural center or buying property in Western Nevada as I wait for the waters to rise.
It doesn't look good for you if you're poor. But it doesn't look all too rosy for the rich either. Think of all the walking they'll have to do. Think of the Hummer becoming the primary residence. Sure, we'll all be starving too, but at least natural (or the oxymoronic manmade nature) disasters democratize us all.


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Trista said...

Have you ever been in a hummer? They're quite roomy and spacious. Perfect for those little after-looting soirees.

What scares me is that Salt Lake could be a New Orleans. For years experts have been warning about the devastation a big earthquake could have on the valley. Of course, no mass flooding, no children watching their pets drown as they themselves struggle to keep their heads over the rising waters. But still... we have buildings that couldn't withstand an earthquake and it's deemed too expensive to fix them. We have major utility lines running right across the fault line, we have people who keep saying that we never have earthquakes so we'll never have a big one so why bother planning for one.

Sorry, this probably isn't helping your mood. I've been pretty doom and gloom myself this last week. Just promise me you'll wear a helmet and carry extra water if you have to go into the old section of the Marriot library...

Nik said...

hi Trista. I have to go fix my blog so anonymous folks don't confuse me....
I am in much better mood (see new "work) blog. You're absolutely right about the big one. BUT think of the grasshopper mormons. A year of food stockpiled away. We should embrace our self-sufficient brethren and stockpile. I for one will begiin stockpiling wine and chocolate today. (I already worried about more natural disasters and spent $100 at the wine store on Friday. Unbelievable preparedness. Actually, what's unbelievable is that of the 7 bottles I bought, we still have 5 and a half left.
I've been thinking a lot about you guys. Hope breastfeedings going OK. I have just decided to grin and bear it even though the little muggers got a grip like a steel bear trap.
Please note too on new blog why I'm so behind on my work. It's all that little pregnant woman's fault. I've read the whole thing, twice.

Nik said...

Ugh. I just had to turn on the setting that makes readers verify a word before they can comment. It's the only way to go I think if I don't want spam. Sad. Don't hate me.

Trista said...

I don't hate you, I hate the spammers.

You're good, I haven't read the whole a little pregnant yet. I keep tearing up. Did you see the garage full of presents people gave them? I'm tearing up right now just thinking about it.

I have been thinking about you guys, too. Kristin's trying to get our dogs to hold still long enough to prop our baby on them... not working very well so far.

We have some friends one of whom is a cop and the other of whom (her partner) is going to buy an amphibious vehicle. When the big one hits we're going to form a little commune and pick people up in the vehicle and defend ourselves with the guns. It looks like you can contribute chocolate and wine, so we'd be happy to pick you, Erik, Zoe and your pets up if you want to join us. Kristin and I are contributing mutant squash.